Soul calibur v evil cervantes by davile91-d5gy4m6

Imagine the red parts are purple :3

Full name: Zackaria Valentina [Formarly Zackaria Gerabari]

Alias: Red

Player: redaustin101

Birthplace: Unknown

Birth Year: 940KL

Height: 710 ft

Status: Deceased.

Bloodline: Fulgur

Hometown: Unknown

Alliegence: The Alliance

Allignment: True Neutral


Aalliya Valentina (Daughter, Unknown)

Ira Valentina  (Wife, Unknown)


Zackaria was just a simple peasent working in a small village as a farmer he was of normal height for his bloodline and fairly normal looking, everything was perfect untill the endermen [or enderslaves as you call them] were sent to purify amaranthine which would involve killing most of everything as his family and friends in the villiage were being slaughterd he ran but not before being attacked himself he was struck across the face by a claw or blade of some sort, not thinking he ran into a cave and sealed the opening a as the months passed his body changed in gruesome ways his limbs streched in an uncomfortable fast pace, skin complexion turned into a deathly pale and his eyes would grow a mysterious purple. He began to hear voices telling him to go and leave his cave after hundreds of years away from all life his face is coverd at all times,his daughter and wife may likely be still alive. Worst of all he believes the horrible psycological torture and painfull transformations are not yet over.

Present DayEdit

Valentina now leads the New Alliance in a struggle to defeat the Seekers but on his own terms his New Alliance is small and frail but growing stronger. He has managed to mostly over come 'His' grip on his own psyce but for how long? Zackaria can also generate black growths made from un-pure aether on his body to be used as weapons such as blades, wings ,etc.


Full name: His name granted to him, Orthon Merihim.

Alias: Him

Player: redaustin101

Birthplace: None

Birth year: None

Height: None

Status: Alive

Bloodline: None

Hometown: None

Alliegence: Outsider I suppose

Allignment: Chaotic Evil


Zackaria Valentina 's split personality


Him is the split personality of Zackaria Valentina, refered to as him by Zackaria because of the lack of name and appearance. He comes out of Zackaria at moments of peril, anger or boredom. Orthon Merihim or 'Him' is the hivemind of The End and all who reside in that realm.

Now that Zackaria Valentina has parished the parasite known as Orthon Merihim has escaped and has big plans for Amaranthine.